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The Panel Wallet was conceived out of the desire to create a highly-functional, minimalist solution that neatly and securely carries bi-folded bank notes and standard-sized cards.


Panels are manufactured using aircraft-grade aluminum and industrial titanium that passively blocks RFID skimming signals. Each of the seven models then goes through a series of secondary (finishing) processes. The secondary processes, which were chosen through a series of prototyping and sampling iterations, include: 

  • Tumble-Deburring
  • Brushing
  • Polishing
  • Burnishing
  • Waxing
  • Anodizing
  • Plating
  • Laser Engraving

The premium silicone bands are made in a custom mold that was developed based on a specific dimension (length x width x thickness), which was the result of extensive testing. The bands are then pad-printed with the Panel Co. logo.


Panels are the perfect solution for the most essential items you carry with you, everyday.

The size and weight of the Panel allow it to fit in any pocket (jacket, shirt, pants), which provides a distinct advantage in three areas:

Security: Carrying your wallet in your front pocket mitigates the potential for pick-pocket theft. The silicone bands create friction inside your pocket and keep a firm grasp on your wallet items. (Note: the US State Department & several major metropolitan police departments advocate using a rubber band around your wallet for pick-pocket deterrence)

Health: Perpetually sitting on a wallet can result in long-term health effects, which has become commonplace amongst men. Over time, the spine becomes misaligned and may eventually lead to sciatica or other more severe spinal disorders. Panels perfectly fit in most front pockets, so please choose any pocket other than your back pocket.

Fashion: Pants are designed to accentuate your silhouette. Conventional wallets, particularly the bulky "Costanza" types, detract from the intended style designers had in mind when they created your pants. Furthermore, wallets tend to leave wear marks with use and eventually wear through textiles, shortening the lifespan of garments.

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* Successfully funded in August, 2014 


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